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Storage & Preservation

Keeping your food fresh just became easier and infinitely longer-lasting and more attractive. By removing the air, the Vac ‘n Save™ products seal in flavor and freshness, which helps to extend the food’s shelf life! You can use these products to store breads, fruits, vegetables and so much more! (It’s also great to use for marinating food because it speeds up the process, which saves you time!) Plus, with its hand-held vacuum pump, not only do you have an airtight seal, but now you have an even stronger vacuum seal! The Vac ‘n Save™ is great for storing all types of products, will make your lives easier, and will make everything taste fresher!

How does it work?

The container is closed by locking the included lid onto it. The air inside the container is removed using the included pump.

Why vacuum-seal my food?

Air, moisture and bacteria all work together to spoil food. When food is in a vacuum-sealed container, it is kept fresh for longer.

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